Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving List

Suzi and Isaac    

Cayce and Cherie

Today is Thanksgiving and I just want to acknowledge what is most important to me, what I am most thankful for.

The two photos above. The first is of my daughter, Suzanne and her son, Isaac. The second is my son Cayce and his fiancee, Cherie.

Having these four people in my life is a good part of what makes life worth living. Cherie is a relatively new addition, but she has endeared herself to me such that I already think of her as one of my kids.

My husband, Terry, has given me his love and confidence, encouraging me to be all that I can be, for the past sixteen years. He is the shining light in my life and truly is "the wind beneath my wings"!

But Suzanne and Cayce were what kept me going, made life worth living before Terry came into my life.

Suzanne was enough to drive any sane person over the edge as a teenager! Lord but did she test me! But in the course of all that, she taught me humility, patience, perserverance and that sometimes all you can do is just keep loving them. It's all paid off. She has turned into a wonderful, caring person and a superb mother. I am extraordinarily proud of her!

Cayce taught me that your children can be your friends, as well. His constant love, faith in me as a good person and support has stood me in good stead more times than he can imagine. When everything else in my life seemed to be going to hell in a handbasket, he was there to love me and believe in me. He's some kind of old soul, I believe, because at critical junctures he has been able to provide me pearls of wisdom, far beyond what one would expect of a person of his tender years at the time, that made me see things more clearly, helped me make better decisions, gave me a broader view of things I had blinders on regarding. He has turned into an amazing man and I look forward to seeing him in the role of father and husband in his own right. I believe Cherie has been very good for him and vice versa.

Isaac? He was a great kid and has turned into a great young man. Isaac doesn't know it, but he actually saved my life. I would have missed SO much if it hadn't been for him and his persistence on one fateful day! For that I will be eternally grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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