Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Another year gone by. Another year arrived. Another birthday passed. 

Holy cow! I'm 64 years old!

It's kind of funny since I remember a time when I thought 40 was some kind of ancient! I wondered if I'd live to be that old. Here I am now with a daughter who will soon be 43! Three years older than what I thought was ancient. Pfftttt!!!

I'm glad I made it to this venerable old age. It has given me an appreciation for "Enough". I thought of sending my friends and children an New Year greeting wishing them "Enough" but chickened out on it. So I'll just toss it out here instead.

Whomever you are, where ever you are, whatever you believe in, I wish you "Enough". I've learned that having enough is not only enough, but a gateway to true abundance.

May you have enough adversity in life to help you build inner strength.
May you have enough inner strength to give you compassion.
May you have enough compassion to allow you to appreciate your fellow human beings, whether they are beautiful, like you, or not.
May you have enough belief in yourself to allow you to take chances, meet life's opportunities head on.
May you have enough courage to pursue your dreams, no matter what anyone else may think of those dreams.
May you have enough humility to realize you don't know it all.
May you have enough wisdom to continue to seek growth and knowledge every day of your life.
May you have enough courage to accept love when it is offered.
May you have enough serenity in your life to give your soul peace.
Or should I say enough peace in your life to give you serenity?

Enough. This is all I wish for myself and for those I love.

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