Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From A Distance ...

Old Rocky Mountain Homestead in Colorado
Remember that song? It was Bette Midler who sang it and part of the refrain was "God is watching us, God is watching us. God is watching us from a distance."

What does this have to do with today's photo? It was the first photo that came to mind when I woke up this morning. As I was resizing it to insert in the blog, "From a Distance" was running through my mind. 

Come on! In my bio I did tell you that my husband calls me Ricochet Rabbit!

Taken from a distance, this scene seems pretty deserted and lonely. When I allow my imagination to wander, I imagine this was once a thriving homestead. What became of the occupants? I prefer to believe that they lived a good life here and then moved on to other, greater, opportunities with the wealth they earned in their years on the homestead.

Not likely? Says who? Anything is possible! After all, we're all connected and God IS watching ... from a distance.

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