Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Lake Powell, AZ Sunset

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Memory of Trees

BC Hwy 7A between Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.
A few years back we were living in Coquitlam, BC. There was a small park I loved to walk in that gave access to the banks of the Fraser River. The park was just off the 7A Hwy, a shortcut between Coquitlam and points east.

One day I ran into an elderly lady and we talked as we walked the trail. She told me she had been coming here for many, many years. She said the whole area use to be much nicer.

I asked what she meant.

"Well, for one thing, there wasn't that noisy monstrosity up there!", she said, pointing to the four lane divided highway above us. "That use to be a nice little two lane road that hardly anyone used. It was always lovely, but it was magnificent in the fall! So quiet. So peaceful! And the whole way along you were surrounded by such vibrant colors!" She sounded truly regretful for what had been lost in the name of progress.

Jump ahead to the fall. One day I was driving over to meet friends in PoCo just before sunset. As I said, the highway is divided above where the park is located. I was on the lower level and glanced to my left. The shadows of the naked trees immediately brought to mind the earlier conversation. I was so struck with the "Memory of Trees" conversation and the shadows I was witnessing that I went back home, got my camera and came back to shoot this scene.

I was late meeting my friends but you know what? It was worth it!

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  1. Every time an old tree comes down in the park across from me, it breaks my heart. I imagine some of those trees were there before the house, which went up in 1913. It's like losing an old friend! Recently the neighbours have taken to cutting down every tree on the block...everything looks SO naked! My poor old Linden tree in front may be a bit crooked but it's staying until Mother Nature takes it down!


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